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AIOMOD v5.3.4 Dev - Build 3125 // WOT 0.9.2

* xvm config update


* Multilined Tank Carousel ( default value: 2 rows. To change follow the instructions in doc folder )
AIOMOD v5.3.4 Dev - Build 3101 // WOT 0.9.2

* xvm config update
* SpotMessanger fixed


* Memories Sound Mod v9.2 Build 4
* Penetration Zones II (Kodoku + Shotter + Lemon96)


* Fix
* Optimization & bugfix
* New macros:
* new option battle/allowGunMarksInPanelsAndMinimap. (if enable {{gun-marks}} macro in players panels and minimap. WARNING: performance expensive)
* added texts/gunMarks config section
AIOMOD v5.3.4 Dev - Build 3085 // WOT 0.9.2

* Optional Addons Update:
- Team HP Pool Bar v 92b
- Artillery Sight (Sword of Damocles) 3 Options
- Spot Messanger


* new macros:
{{gun-marks}}, return count of the marks on gun for spotted vehicles
*  localization:
added {{l10n:Not ready}}
* "hotkeys" section updated:
- added key bindings for minimap and players panel alt mode
- full keyboard can be used
AIOMOD v5.3.4 Dev - Build 3066 // WOT 0.9.2

* Optional Addon:
- Brightness and contrast for text missions


* Memories Sound Mod Hot Fix:
-Corrected the sound of the 105mm L52 gun
-Marks of Excellence should work on the T29


* Added ability to disable some modes in the players panels
* new macros:
{{ready}}, returns "ready" when player loaded to the game and empty if not
AIOMOD v5.3.3 - Build 3060 R.4 // WOT 0.9.2

* Update:

- Optional Addon: Big Hot Keys for Consumables and ammunition
- AutoTelescope Mod v2 (config by tank class)
- Aiomod French Traslation


* White Dead Tanks (update)

AIOMOD v5.3.3  Dev - Build 3060 R.3 // WOT 0.9.2

* Update:

- Team HP Pool Bar update to v92a (Fix crash in game graphics settings)
- Session statistics
- Jimbo Sights
- Animated Sights (Deegie)
- Damage announcer
- AutoTelescope Mod
- Spanish Traslation

IMPORTANT: Make a Clean Install


* Memories Sound Mod HotFix
-Corrected the location of the gun sound
-Fixed the missing artillery tracer
-Corrected some guns that had wrong sound
-VK45.02(P) ausf. B finally have a working 105mm gun sound
-Fixed the messed up camo of the StuG III


* new macros:
 {{wgr}}, {{c:wgr}}, {{a:wgr}}, {{xwgr}}, {{c:xwgr}}, {{a:xwgr}} for WG rating

AIOMOD v5.3.3  Dev - Build 3059 // WOT 0.9.2 (FIXED)

* Adaptation to WoT 0.9.2

* Updates:

-Damage Panel
-Session statistics


-Team HP Pool Bar update to v92
-Optional Sights

* Temporal removed:

- Damage announcer
- AutoTelescope Mod


* Wot Effects Off - AIO
* HD MiniMaps
* Memories Sound Mod
* Film Music mod
* UT Announcer mod
* Fog Remover
* Maximum Increase visibility mod
* Turn off Shot, Smoke and Flames
* Golden Icons premium tanks in hangar
* White Tanks


* new macros:
{{player}}, returns "pl" for current player and empty string for others
{{tk}}, returns "tk" for teamkiller and empty string for others

* new option:
playersPanel/altMode - mode with Alt key pressed
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