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AIOMOD v5.3.2 Build 3032 // WOT 0.9.1

* Update: Optional SpotMessanger


* Optimization
* new options: captureBar/allyColor, captureBar/enemyColor

AIOMOD v5.3.2 - Test 1 Build 3030 // WOT 0.9.1

* Session statistics:
- Updated stats script.
- Macros added: allXP (totalXP + totalFreeXP), dailyXPFactor, map (Live Oaks), map-raw (44_north_america), vehicle-long (M18 Hellcat), vehicle-short (Hellcat), vehicle-raw (usa-M18_Hellcat).
- XWN8 formula updated.
-WN8 Color scale updated.
-Added expected_tank_values.json V15.


* Update XVM scale for WN8
* Fix

AIOMOD v5.3.2 - Test 1 Build 3024 // WOT 0.9.1

* Optional sight: Artillery (Sword of Damocles).
* Update spanish traslation.
* J1mB0's Crosshair Update:
- Indicator and Central Marker settings fixed


* Memories Sound Mod v9.1.2
- New music in hangar and karkov map,
- New sound capturing the enemy base.
- Engines:
-New sound for V2-44 and V2-54
-New sound for the soviet V-12 engines.
-Made the "panther" "tiger" and "tiger_super_turbo" events use the new parameters.
-Made the radio possible to hear again, with a compromise that it will be the loudest when you face your turret towards the engine.
-Lowered the Stuka volume on the V2 SN


* Fix

AIOMOD v5.3.2 - Test 1 Build 3009 // WOT 0.9.1

* Session statistics update:
- Added Football Battle to ignoreBattleType in stat config.
- Changed avgDeathsCount to deathsRate on General stats (deaths in percent)
- Updated stats script.
- Macros added: deathsRate, survivalRate
- Fixed error in calculation of deathsCount

Optional: Damage panel 2 (Show type of damage in hitlog)


* Smoke and flames off when firing
* Memories Sound Mod v9.1
* Wot Effects off (30,50,80,100%)
* Penetration zones
* Aiomod Traslations (sp,de,fr)
* NA clan Icons for XVM update
* Camouflage Mod
* Black Hangar mod


* update scripts for change rating in config (keep default color and transparency)

AIOMOD v5.3.2 - Test 1 Build 3008 // WOT 0.9.1

* World of Tanks v0.9.1 supported.


* New hangars:

May 9 (Victory Day)
November 28
Poppy Field

* HD minimaps
* White dead Tanks
* Golden icons premium tanks in hangar mod
* Fog Remover
* Maximum increase visibility mod
* UT Announcer mod
* Custom Sixth sense mod


* new options: captureBar/allyColor, captureBar/enemyColor
* show actual view range, gun reload time and signal range in the tank params in hangar

* new macros formatting (see readme-en.txt)
name - macro name
flag - "-" for left align, else right align
"0" for filling with leading zeros
width - minimum width
prec - maximum width for lines or number of digits after comma for numbers
type - type (s - string, d - decimal, f - float, ...)
suf - suffix added at the end
def - default value, set when value is absent:
For example:
{{name%-16.16s}} - cut names longer 10 chars, and fill names shorter 10 chars and align left
{{kb%4.01f~k|----}} - width 4 chars, exactly 1 char after comma, align right
if kb==null, display "----"

* dynamic circles on the minimap. Options:
minimap/circles/artillery - maximum range of fire for artillery
minimap/circles/shell - maximum range of shooting for autocannon and semi-automatic cannon
minimap/circles/view - view range (dynamically changes when switching binocular telescope)
minimap/circles/major - removed, replaced with "view" section
Omegaice's code was used for this component
* new options in playersPanel for extra text fields
* new options in playersPanel for frags formatting
* new option playersPanel/startMode for initial players panels mode
* new option battle/allowHpInPanelsAndMinimap - enable {{hp}}, {{hp-ratio}}, {{hp-max}}
macros in players panels and minimap. WARNING: performance expensive

* new macros:
{{frags}} - current frags
{{alive}} - 'alive' for alive, '' for dead
{{battletier}} - guessed current battle tier
{{squad-num}} - squad number or null if not in squad
* macros extended: {{hp:XX}} and {{hp-max:XX}} return value normalized to XX for current battle tier
ex.: {{hp:300}} - will return 300 for HP=700 at tier-5 battle, and for HP=3000 at tier-11 battle.
* macros extended: value replacement - {{macro?rep}}
ex.: "alpha": "{{alive?80|0}}" - set alpha to 80 for alive and 0 for dead
* changed value of macro {{squad}} from '1' to 'sq'
* removed macro {{vehicle-type}} as duplication of {{vehicle}}
* removed macro {{vehicle-name}} as duplication of {{vehiclename}}
* removed macro {{short-nick}} and option minimap/nickShrink as replaced by {{nick%.5s}}

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