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AIOMOD v6.0.1 - Build 3884 // WOT 0.9.6

* Adaptation to Wot 0.9.6
* XVM Config Update


* Memories Sound Mod
* UT Announcer mod
* Golden Icons Prem Tanks
* White Dead Tanks
* Maximum increase visibility mod
* Fog Remover
* Turn off shot smoke and flames
* Wot aioEffects off
* HD MiniMaps
* Lights in tanks mod
* Skins Hit Zones v73


* XVM fix
* fix sixth sense indicator position
* added new macro {{battletype}} - current battle type
* added texts/battletype section with text replacements for {{battletype}} macro
* added texts/topclan section with text replacements for {{topclan}} macro

* added new carousel macros:
{{v.xpToElite}} - XP required for elite vehicle
{{v.xpToEliteLeft}} - XP left to gain for elite vehicle
{{v.freeXP}} - free XP

* macros formatting:
added "'" flag for thousands separator (hangar only)
added "match" part for value matching ({{battletype=clan?CLAN WAR}})
allowed operators: =, !=, >, >=, <, <=

* added option minimap/labels/units/antiAliasType - text fields antialias type.
* new option battle/allowSpottedStatus - enable {{spotted}} macro in players panels and minimap.
WARNING: performance expensive

* bugs fixed
* XFW: XVM Framework
* New mod xvm_quests for personal missions.
Currently implemented new filters and saving filters settings

* added config section for winChance colors: colors/winChance
* win chance calclulation changed - use standard normal distrubution for chance result.

* added texts/xvmuser section with text replacements for {{xvm-user}} macro.
Available values: "on", "off", "none".

* added new mod xvm_export, and config section "export".
* top clans icons now taken from the XVM server and tops list is updated daily.
* added macro {{clanrank}} - Global map clan rating
Values from 1 to 1000, and "persist" for persistent clans (WG administration and XVM friends)
Detailed info:

* added macro {{topclan}} - returns "top" for top clans, 'persist' for persistent clans, empty for other

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